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James is one of the most inspiring and encouraging teachers I have met. His unique style of teaching and the imaginative intelligence that he brings to the lesson has always left me thinking after every single lesson. He always brings freshness, energy, and imagination to the repertoire I am working on, in which he stresses these elements the most.


Although James encourages independent learning, he never abandoned me alone when an issue arises. I couldn’t have progressed so much without his motivating guidance.

Student, RWCMD

It was an unforgettable moment because I can truly benefit from his unique and gentle teaching style.


The characteristic of James’ lesson is productive and enjoyable. He has a deep sense of insight for any pieces which means he is able to demonstrate precisely and instantly at any works after glancing the score. I really appreciate his instruction, not just for music, but also for life. I have been immersing into his excellent teaching strategy and character.


Thank you so much, James, for all your help.

Student, RWCMD

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